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The Elite Vendors

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Provide the products your employees want and make your customers happy.

Customer Service Is #1

We aim to provide great customer service. Our company is easily accessible to all businesses looking for vending services.

Make Your Choice

Choose which products you want and we’ll stock your machine full! We have a long list of products and are happy to cater to your business.

Locally Owned

Our vending company provides services throughout the Jacksonville area and selected cities in Florida.


All At No Cost To You!!

Get one of our high-quality vending machines in your business along with unmatched customer service, at no cost to you.

Vending Machine Excellence

Take it from the Vending experts – Quality snacks are key to increasing productivity and performance in the workplace. Provide your team with the right fuel, and watch your business grow like never before. Just send us an email to get started!


Snack Bars

Nuts & Fruits


Get Your Free Machine Now!

We supply a variety of equipment, in order to fit into any location and meet any organization’s requirements.


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Easy Maintenance & Management

We’ll handle everything, so you can enjoy fast and reliable access to your favorite foods and beverages from clean, fully-functioning vending machines.

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Keeps Employees Happy

Our vending machines will help keep your team fed and happy, so they have positive interactions with their coworkers and clients. It also shows that you care about their well-being, so they feel noticed and appreciated.

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Improves Team Productivity

Vending machines are quick and easy to use, so your team can get back to more important tasks. Eating small meals and snacks every three to four hours helps you maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.

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Employees Stay On-Site

Your staff will appreciate the convenience of grabbing a quick bite on busy days when they’d rather relax and recharge than get in the car to pick up food somewhere else.

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Customizable Options

Elite Vendors offers a variety of vending machines with customizable options to meet your workplace needs. You can poll your employees to find out what kind of food and refreshments they desire.

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Quick & Easy Access

Leaving work to grab a snack can take a significant amount of time. With a vending machine inside your space, employees can grab a drink or a snack in less than a minute.

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